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Link to Controller ...

Link to Controller ...

This section has the following subsections.


Select the "Link to controller ..." option in the control's context menu to open the "Remote control settings" window.



The "Remote control settings" window is used to specify the link between the control and the controller.



The control being automated is called the "Target control".


If the target control is already linked to a controller, the "Link to controller ..." option will be checked.



Selecting the checked "Link to controller ..." option will reopen the "Remote control settings" window revealing the controller the target control is currently linked to.



The "Remote control settings" window can be used to reassign the target control to a different remote control on the same MIDI controller or to a different controller.


Clicking "Reset" followed by "Accept" will delete the link and cause the "Link to controller ..." option to become unchecked.


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